ameleo Suisse

ameleo Suisse is a consulting company, that operates internationally within the ameleo group. We focus on selected advisory fields that correspond to our core competence.

The necessary expertise is guaranteed by the years of practical experience, specialist knowledge and commitment of our international network of advisors.

Each client is advised by his single point of contact, who deals with the problem for the client in cooperation with specialised advisors. Trustworthy processing is guaranteed and communication losses are excluded.

The single point of contact ensures that specific problems are dealt with by the most suitable specialists, regardless of whether they are part of the ameleo network. Discretion is guaranteed at all stages of the process.

Complex problems are analysed from different angles and perspectives. This leads to new solution approaches that might not have been recognisable through singular, more limited perspectives. Creative, realisable solutions are an essential part of our success.

are an essential part of our company’s DNA and philosophy.

experienced . practical . international

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experienced . practical . international

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Mario Kaufmann

Mario Kaufmann

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