Support in cross-border transactions

  • We accompany investments within Switzerland, from states of the European Union, as well as investments from and into third countries.
  • ameleo Suisse is the right contact for global investors, who search for a competent team to successfully implement their projects in Switzerland.

Support in complex off-market transactions

  • Due diligence of the parties involved and the transaction object
  • Mediation of buyer & seller involving the international ameleo network
  • Support with the legal implementation by lawyers, in particular the tailor-made drafting of contracts
  • Support with the secure settlement of the transactions
    • Proposal of a settlement process tailored to the needs of the parties involved / as well as to the specific transaction object
    • Set up of the coordinated settlement process
    • Implementation of the settlement process

We accompany our clients in complex off-market transactions in alternative asset classes (e.g. art, cryptocurrencies, real estate,…). A discreet transaction between buyer and seller is guaranteed.

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